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Optivoice SMS

Integrate SMS service into your customer communication for a boost of image and a significant business efficiency!

Optivoice provides you with modern tools
for the best interaction with your customers


The service can integrate with your phone system, CRM or e-commerce platform so that automated and personalised text messages can be generated with names and other information based on specific events.

Ease of use

You have a user-friendly and intuitive web platform where you can choose how to send your message - individually or as a group, and the text you want. No complicated setup and no IT knowledge required.

Detailed reports

You can check in real time the number of text messages sent and their status, so you have a clear picture of the activity and can take action to improve customer interaction.


Launch a new product or service, organise an event, your customers can find out all the details they need quickly and reliably; with a single click send dozens or hundreds of messages.

Confirmation via short messages can bring important benefits to your business; your customers call or make appointments online, you can confirm the date, time and address via text message to make sure they have it with them at all times and don’t mess up the information or have to come back with another call if they forget something important; phone or online orders: confirm all the steps of the order-to-delivery route via text message, this way you reduce the number of calls received or initiated just for a simple piece of information and make sure that all important information related to this process reaches your customers quickly and securely.

Do you have something important to communicate to a client, or a whole list? It’s just as easy with Optivoice’s web2sms service; maybe one of your customers has been interested in a product that is out of stock…you can quickly let them know when the product comes back in stock; you need to talk to a customer who hasn’t answered or is calling busy, don’t waste time coming back again and again, send them a sms telling them who you are, why you called, and invite them to contact you when it’s a convenient time for them.

Remind customers ahead of time that they have an appointment, that their invoice is coming due, or that the offer for them is about to expire…this way you easily and elegantly make sure that things happen on time and that you don’t lose the sale just because people…are people and happen to forget…just like that.

How you pay

For occasional use, promotions or campaigns, we offer you customised packages depending on the period and number of sms you need

An easy-to-use customer communication tool with a user-friendly interface is available to you anytime by paying a monthly subscription that includes a text messaging package

You integrate the sms service into a unified communications system that provides you with innovative tools for complete and outstanding communication with your customers and modern collaboration between employees; you only pay the price per sms sent

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